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Really Really Free Market Short Report

30 Aug

Just a short report on the RRFM that happened recently.  It went on great! Friends got together and help setting up and clean the space the night before. They donated clothes, kitchen utensils, toys, curtains, shoes etc. Banners were hung in front of the space to let people know of the event. Curious passer-by went in to check out the stuff given away.  People who came were informed by the flyers which was distributed around the area. At which one of the folk who got to know of the event via a flyer that was voluntarily  translated to Mandarin by supporting folk from the Chinese community in the vicinity.  Our neighbors came and took clothes for their Hari Raya celebration attire and gave away some of their own old clothes as well! People from the nearby shops came to greet and get to know the people at the space. A few children and teenagers had a session of jamming some music after they pick their stuff.  Most who came were from the lower class  including the immigrant workers.  They love the RRFM idea and glad that Gudang organised it.

Thanks for those who came and make the event happened! See you again at the next RRFM (maybe this Oct).

We welcome new ideas and skills to make RRFM more fun.