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30 Aug

Gudang Noisy adalah sebuah Pusat Komuniti yang direalisasikan oleh beberapa rakan disebabkan kurangnya ruang bebas untuk anak muda menjalankan aktiviti-aktiviti alternatif di Malaysia. Malangnya Gudang Noisy sedang menghadapi masalah kewangan untuk mengekalkan ruang ini sebagai ruang komuniti dan gig. Pemilik bangunan ini menetapkan tempoh selama sebulan untuk membayar sewa tunggakan sebanyak RM3000. Terdapat beberapa masalah dari segi pembayaran sebelum Pusat Komuniti Gudang Noisy mula beraktiviti. Hal ini menjadikan situasi Gudang Noisy yang baru sahaja aktif terbantut.

Antara aktiviti yang telah dijalankan di ruang ini adalah festival (Femme Fest, Girl Fest, Zine Fest), vegan cafe, pembuatan soya, perpustakaan mini yang mengandungi pelbagai buku dan zine, penjualan dan pembuatan tshirt, penjualan risalah dan music alternatif, ruang untuk perjumpaan dan perbincangan, workshop tattoo tapping, Really Really Free Market (pasar percuma), movie screening percuma secara bulanan, gig dan sebagainya. Pada masa hadapan, terdapat banyak aktiviti yang telah dirancang seperti Food Not Bombs, ko-operasi basikal, infoshop (Pustaka Semesta) dan lain-lain.

Oleh itu, kami sangat mengalu-alukan bantuan dan sokongan dari anda untuk menderma sebanyak RM20 (atau lebih). Kami menjemput anda untuk turut serta menjalankan aktiviti di ruang ini dan menghulurkan bantuan untuk menyelamatkan ruang ini agar segala bentuk aktiviti alternatif dapat diteruskan di masa akan datang.

Setiap sumbangan boleh disalurkan ke akaun bank Ahmad Ariffudin bin Ab Rahman (MAYBANK 114086009975) atau hubungi 0127968504 /

Untuk maklumat terkini sila ikuti di Facebook kami –!/pages/Ampang-Selangor/gudang-noisy/130490626985354

Sila sebarkan pengumuman ini.

Terima kasih.


Translated by our friends in FNBKL’s blog


Gudang Noisy is a community center established by a group of friends upon realizing that there is a lack of space for young people to organize alternative activities in Malaysia. Unfortunately, Gudang Noisy is currently facing some financial problems to sustain the space as a community center and a place to throw gigs. The owner of the building has given us a month to settle all the outstanding rent which is now stands at RM 3,000. We have been facing a lot problem in terms of paying rent since we started operating here. This is a huge hindrance for Gudang Noisy as it has been actively organizing things of recent.

We have organized a number of events here at the space, including radical festivals (Femme Fest, Zine Fest), vegan cafe, DIY soy milk, silk screening, tattoo workshop (tapping), really really free market, monthly free screening, gigs, amongst many other things. Besides that, we also have a mini library here which has a range of books and zines, a space to conduct meetings and discussion, as well as other things. We have also planned a slew of activities for the future including Food not Bombs, a bicycle co-op,  and an infoshop (Pustaka Semesta).

We would really appreciate it if you would be able to donate at least RM 20 (or more) to help us out in this time of need. And we would also like to invite you to participate in any future events to save Gudang Noisy so that there is a space for people to continue organizing alternative events.

All donations can be channeled to  Ahmad Ariffudin bin Ab Rahman (MAYBANK 114086009975) or please contact us at 0127968504 /

For updates please check out our Facebook –!/pages/Ampang-Selangor/gudang-noisy/130490626985354

Please spread the news!



Sabtu, 23 October 2010 – Cock Sparrer, A Tribute Show [CANCELLED)

30 Aug

Arson Attack on Gudang Noisy!!!

28 Jul

28 July 2010 – Arson attack on Gudang Noisy! At 2 a.m smoke filled Noisy causing alarm to one of the people inside. We panicked and rushed infront with buckets of water to put out the fire that was burning at the entrance door. We suspect that kerosene was used to burn the plastic chair which was placed at the door and that it was definitely due to the recent incitement of racism in the local underground music scene here in Malaysia. The fire had burned most of the written statement on the entrance wall which reads No Racism, No Sexism, No Homophobia, No Alcohol, No Drugs, No Violence. One passerby who had witnessed the attack approached us after we put out the fire, divulging information on the attacker’s description. We now know that they sped off in a car which the license plat number has been obtained by the witness. This is a serious threat to the security of Gudang Noisy. They are sending a message that racism is still alive and burning. This was retaliation. We call for solidarity from friends from all over the world!