22 Jul

Really Really Free Market di tangguh ke 22hb Ogos. Diharapkan kawan-kawan masih dapat mendermakan barang-barang sebelum tarikh tersebut dan menyertai dengan berkongsi skill anda bersama komuniti pada hari tersebut. Setakat ini kami telah dapat beberapa barangan seperti baju, seluar, lukisan, tikar, pin baju dan bermacam-macam lagi.


We are calling for donation of any stuff from you. You can give anything. This RRFM is inspired by the San Francisco RRFM ( The concept of RRFM is of the Gift Economy.

“Have you ever picked up something you found on the sidewalk? Or saved your neighbor from throwing away something useful?

A Really Really Free Market is like a potluck for whatever you want to give or take away. Have you ever brought one dish to a potluck and gone away with a full belly and a balanced meal? Everybody brings something and goes away with more.

We all have skills, ideas, objects, smiles, talents, friendship, excitement, discussions, and many other things to share. If we bring them all together at the Really Really Free Market, we can provide more balanced and full lives for everyone.

Please do contact us at these numbers; 012-7968504, 012-9702734 to drop off your donation at our place anytime. Or to inform your participation during the RRFM for skill sharing etc.


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